~Cancelled~Mad Science Winter Break Camp!

Students will exercise their ability to work together in order to construct a geodesic dome big enough everyone to fit inside! Work with pulleys, wedges, screws, and levers to activate robots around an obstacle course, play soccer, and test line-tracking robots. Bring lunch and snacks!

Dates: Wednesday Dec 27 & Thursday Dec 28
Time: 9:00 – 4:00pm    Grades: K – 5th grade
Cost: $175 per child
Location: OKCC Large Meeting Room
Questions: Call the Rec office at 609-466-3023


New Tennis Court Complex at the Middle Schools

 Montgomery Township & School District Team up to Build New Tennis Court Complex at the Middle Schools

Plans have been approved for the tennis courts between the middle schools (Upper and Lower) to be rebuilt this fall/winter through a shared services agreement by the municipality and the public schools. According to plans, the new tennis courts will be available for student use as well as public use during non-school hours by early next year.

Mayor Ed Trzaska has been advocating for this recreation facility enhancement as part of the Township’s ongoing parks improvement initiative. He said, “It really made sense and saved money to work together with the schools.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Board of Education and President Rick Cavalli to better meet the recreational needs of residents and students in this way. I’m excited to see the new tennis complex open soon!”

The end of a 40-year lease between Montgomery Township and the Montgomery Township School District was recognized as a window of opportunity by municipal and school leadership. The ten courts located on Burnt Hill Road between the Upper Middle School and Lower Middle School get a great deal of use and have been showing their age of late.

Montgomery Township School District Superintendent Nancy Gartenberg concurred with the mayor. “Both the Township and Board of Education are in need of new tennis courts.  Tennis courts are a part of the instructional day for our middle school students and are in high demand after hours by our community partners.  Many of our referendum projects were aimed at promoting the health, safety and wellness of our students.  We are thrilled to work with the township to restore the maximum number of courts for our community.”

Rick Cavalli of the Montgomery Twp. Board of Education helped plan the project. “I have recently adopted the mantra of ‘One Montgomery.’ The improvement and retaining of the courts, as a core part of a total student experience and central to our residents, was a paramount and unwavering consideration. To have further collaborated with Mayor Trzaska and the Superintendent and her team on this important project is evidence of how government should work for Montgomery and Rocky Hill.”

According to Annette Wells, School Business Administrator, the project bid out at $677,400 in August. The Board of Education and the Township will split the cost 50/50 for the project. A shared services agreement was authorized by the Township Committee on December 7th.

Eight courts will be completely reconstructed, including new perimeter fencing and nets.  The two remaining courts will be repaired and overlaid, also with new nets.  There are plans to keep the perimeter fencing around the two courts, since the fencing is in good shape.  Lastly, the deteriorated asphalt walkway that leads from the school to the courts will be reconstructed.

Township Recreation Director Karen Zimmerman summed up the project, stating “We are pleased to be moving forward.  The tennis courts here have always been popular and we are so glad we are able to work with the schools to improve their quality and better serve the Montgomery public.”

Mayor Trzaska added, “I hope this is the first of many joint projects with the schools.  There is a lot of opportunity to work together in the future.”