Marlins Swim Team

Run by the Montgomery Recreation Department.

We are an all inclusive team. We DO NOT have try-outs. All swimmers are welcome (between grades Kindergarten and up), however we require each swimmer to be able to complete a length of the pool non-stop, and un-aided. 

The Marlin’s training sessions are grouped ​into​ age ​(grade) ​bracket, and then broken down into lanes based on ability (fitness level, endurance level, technique level etc). 

Each lane, in most cases, receives a training session based on the needs and skill set of that       particular group.  Our focus and aim to to address fitness, technique, sportsmanship and FUN!!   ​

​As we are not associated with US Swimming, or ‘club’ swimming, o​ur program offers your family ​flexibility.​

Yo​u ​may choose to register for one, or all sessions​,​throughout the year.  This allows swimming to ​fit into​your ​schedule ​as much or as little as it suits (yes, pun intended), allowing time for other activities. Your swimmer’s​ commitment level is your​ choice – and we respect​ the idea that school work and family life come first. To view past and current sessions please click here.

We practice at the Montgomery HS 8 lane, 25 yard pool. In general terms we offer fall training  (S​e​p​t/​O​ct), competitive season (​Nov-​F​eb), with three ​Saturday intra-squad meets – (​December Dash, ​Jan​uary Mid-Distance ​and ​February Finale​), and then spring training (​A​pr-​J​un​e​).We offer a small summer training ​(6 weeks)​ for those ​who​ do not swim ​with ​the various private swim clubs in the area. Practice sessions are typically on Tuesday& Thursday evenings, with an additional offering on Monday & Wednesdays during the competitive season.  

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If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Coach Penny on

Thank you for your interest in our program!