How to Register:

For On-line Registration through Community Pass, follow link below after reading this information. The first time you use Community Pass, it will require you to set up a user name and password (please store this info safely). You will then set up a family profile. Once you are registered in the system, it will automatically list which programs are currently available to any member of your family by their age and sex. To set up your account please click here.

On-line registration currently requires payment by credit card for registration costs. Please be advised that the current convenience rate for credit card payments is 2.99% of your total transaction.

To register in person please stop by the Otto Kaufman Center at 356 Skillman Rd. We accept exact cash, check or credit card.

We do not accept phone registrations.


Some payments require Two Checks They are broken down by what program they are.


After-School classes, Adult/Children Exercise, US Sports Institute, Fal-Rooney, Seminar Programs, Summer Camps, Swim Stoke & Turn Camp


Swim Lessons,  Marlins Swim Team programs, Lifeguard Certification, Diving, WSI course, SAT program, LMS Track/Cross Country, Lets put on a Musical Camp

Please keep in mind when registering how many checks you will need.

Out Of Town Fees:

Non residents can sign up for all of our programs for an addition fee of $30.00

Late Fees:

To avoid a late fee, you must register for a class prior to the start date. A $25 late fee is charged if you register the same day the class begins. Classes may be cancelled due to low participation, so please register at least a week before the class begins. We do not offer prorating on any of our programs.

Refund Policy:

Fees are non-refundable. If the class/program is cancelled due to lack of participants, you will receive a full refund.

Otherwise there are NO REFUNDS.

After-School Class Reminders for Parents:

Please write your child’s teacher a note, including the name of the class, dates and room location. To ensure a smooth dismissal at OHES & VES, you must include a note each week in your child’s backpack. If your child attends an extended program (YMCA, KC, GGS, etc.) and will not be picked up by you, you must notify the ASP program and the Montgomery Recreation instructor. All children must be picked up outside the front entrance of the school. The front doors will be locked – please wait for the instructor! Please be considerate and arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of class to pick up your child. Late pick-up charges will be assessed and applied as needed.

If you register for a class at the Otto Kaufman Community Center, you must provide transportation – it is NOT provided from school to the center. Thank you!